Foresight4Food is an initiative supported by a group of international organisations, food systems researchers, business players and civil society organisations. The collective aim is to enhance foresight and scenario analysis for the global food system.

There is a need for improvements in how food system changes are explained and visualised.  Also, better connections are needed between science and processes of policy dialogue, business engagement and societal learning.

Foresight4Food Initiative will support the work of existing institutions and platforms dealing with food and agriculture issues by coordinated efforts, providing foresight services and analysis to serve multiple purposes and groups

Foresight4Food Workshop 2018

A second Foresight4Food workshop will be held in Montpellier, in May 2018. This is a is a follow-up to the successful first Foresight4Food workshop held in Oxford in April 2017. Outcomes from the workshop will include an action plan, governance arrangements and a resource mobilisation strategy for taking forward the Foresight4Food initiative. Read more here


Looking for inspiration ? Our resource section offers selected foresight reports, case studies, and academic articles that are useful for the foresight community. If you have a suggestion for a resource please let us know via

Blog: Foresight4Food – In Plain Language

Knowing what the future holds is never easy, and as often as not our predictions can turn out to be quite wrong. This is where foresight comes in. Not to try and predict the future, but rather to intelligently engage citizens and leaders in a better understanding of what is currently going on, what the future consequence could be and what might be alternative pathways with more desirable outcomes. Read more

More background

Download this brochure which offers an overview of the motivations, background, and activities of the Foresight4Food Initiative.