About the Initiative

The Foresight4Food Initiative will support the work of existing institutions and platforms dealing with food and agriculture issues by coordinated efforts providing foresight services and analysis to serve multiple purposes and groups. Read more


Foresight4Food – In Plain Language

Knowing what the future holds is never easy, and as often as not our predictions can turn out to be quite wrong. But some things we do know.  A sugary fatty diet with too little exercise will make us obese, with a high chance of ending up with diabetes.  If many of us follow this …

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An overview of the motivations, background, and activities of the Foresight4Food Initiative. Read More

Foresight4Food Workshop 2018

A second Foresight4Food workshop will be held in Montpellier, in May 2018 and will bring together key organizations and individuals around foresight and food. Read More


This section compiles foresight reports, case studies, and academic articles that will be useful for the foresight community. Read more