Foresight Reports

Their is a diverse landscape of organisations, institutions, and initiatives working on foresight, future-thinking, and projections within food systems. The Foresight4Food Initiative is working towards improving coordination between existing research efforts, strengthening foresight capabilities, assisting in information synthesis and science communication, and supporting better linkages between science and processes of policy dialogue and societal learning. This page presents some key resources within the foresight world that indicate the diversity of themes, timescales, perspectives, and regional cover. If you are searching for a specific report, please use the search box on the top right of the web-page.

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Featured Publications

Agriculture and Food Systems to 2050

Threats and opportunities for global food systems...

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The future of food and agriculture - Alternative paths to 2050

How can food and agricultural systems develop in the long-term future...

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The Future of Food and Farming: Challenges and Choices for Global Sustainability

The pressures on the global food system between now and 2050...

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