Foresight Reports - 2018

Land Use and Food Security in 2050: a Narrow Road

Exploratory scenarios for agriculture and land use...

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Opportunities for future research and innovation on food and nutrition security and agriculture: The InterAcademy Partnership’s global perspective

A call to action for addressing global food system challenges...

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Innovation with a Purpose: The role of technology innovation in accelerating food systems transformation

The emerging technological innovations with potential to drive change...

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On True Cost Accounting and the Future of Food

Finding out the 'true' cost of food ...

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OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2018-2027

Projections on major agricultural commodities - focusing on the Middle East and North Africa...

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Climate Change: Impact on Agriculture and Costs of Adaptation

Impact of climate change on food security...

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Achieving Zero Hunger - The critical role of investments in social protection and agriculture

Investment costs for eradicating hunger and poverty by 2030 ...

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Proceedings of the FAO/WHO International Symposium on Sustainable Food Systems for Healthy Diets and Improved Nutrition

Outputs of the Symposium contributing to better-informed decision making...

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The future of food and agriculture - Alternative paths to 2050

How can food and agricultural systems develop in the long-term future...

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