Foresight4Food Community in Focus: GLOPAN and GAIN

The ‘Community in Focus’ series invites updates from members of the Foresight4Food Community of Practice. This is a chance to see what ‘foresight’ means for the different institutions and what key food foresight exercises they are currently engaged in.

In this webinar, we have updates from GLOPAN and GAIN Health.

The recording of this webinar is now available below:

Webinar recording for Foresight4Food Community in Focus

Please note that this video has been edited to remove the Q&A with participants.

Corrections: Charlotte Pedersen’s name has been misspelled in the video. We are working to correct this. Many apologies in the meantime.

Additional Resource: Presentation from GAIN (pdf)

If you are keen on participating in this series, please contact Saher Hasnain

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