Methodology Update

A shared understanding of foresight methods and processes

The diversity of foresight methods and processes being used in the community is a source of richness for the field. These methods help us explore and respond to the changes, shocks, and disruptions in our food systems. Foresight4Food has developed a framework for understanding food systems foresight and scenario analysis focusing on aspects of prediction vs exploration, quantitative vs qualitative, risk vs
opportunities, social vs scientific processes, scale and time, policy and political influences, and the context of complex systems. This framework further emphasizes the range of methods available to the foresight community.

Previous workshops conducted by the Foresight4Food Initiative have demonstrated the variety of methodological approaches employed by the community and the necessity of understanding the assumptions, generalizations, and limitations behind them. Given that much of the data resulting from these methods is eventually used in decision-making, it is critical that the users and providers of foresight intelligence are aware of the underlying aspects of different methodologies.

Foresight4Food exists to ensure that this brokering and bridging takes place without duplication.

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