Workshop 2018 – Resource Materials

The May workshop will build on last year’s event to develop a clear strategy for how food systems foresight could better meet the needs of policy, business, and civil society at different scales. It will also examine key dimensions of food systems change and different approaches to foresight. Outcomes from the workshop will include an action plan, governance arrangements, and a resource mobilisation strategy for taking forward the Foresight4Food initiative.

Materials that can provide useful reading before the workshop are listed below. There are download links under the document reader if you would like to save anything. Do note that some of these resources might be updated and added to during the course of this week. If there is anything you would like to have updated (particularly in the participant bios document, please send an email to

Workshop Programme:

Download Workshop Programme


Participant List and Biographies:

Download Participant List

Download Participant Biographies


Initiative Brochure:

Download Brochure


Foresight4Food Initiative Proposition:

Download Overview of Foresight4Food Proposition


Foresight4Food Initiative Concept Note:

Download Concept Note


Framework for understanding Foresight:

Download Foresight Framework 


Stock Take of Reports & Initiatives

Download Stock Take of Reports & Initiatives


Mind Map on Organizations, Networks, and Initiatives






Download Mind Map


Reports from Oxford Workshop 2017

Click here for detailed resources from the Oxford Workshop